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The Nature of Civil Services Exam has changed and one needs to incorporate lot of Current Affairs in the mains exam in order to justify one's point.Moreover in Prelims the importance of Dynamic Syllabus Syllabus has Multiplied.This requires noting down of lot of Current Affairs.Revision Slate by IASNoteBook will help you to Manage syllabus in an Effective Manner.We will remind you to Revise the syllabus

Manage Notes

You can copy and paste the content from internet and save in a particular folder. You can save them in folders created for Prelims,Mains,Optional etc

Set Reminders

Set Revision Reminders to revise your notes.Set Day and time for revision of a particular topic from your notes.

Get Timly Alert

Get your revision alerts via SMS.

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For Managing Notes

Option to save notes on a particular topic in a folder pre-assigned in the website and application.

Option to save images and PDF and retrieve them for future revisions.

Option to edit the saved notes in case you get some new information regarding the same.

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